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    Will the same words occur as yesterday?
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    The US servers are down?
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    Oh lmao the beret... top class XD
  4. The coaching session was great. He knows alot of the game and gives you advice on your specific champion(s). I have new insights on the game and I know what to expect from my enemies now. He corrected me on my positioning and how to ward. Just a small trick about minion farming already got me alot better. Another great thing is that he takes his time to explain every small detail I need to know for now. In my 2 hour session we just reviewed the first 4-5 minutes of the game in which he explained the best positioning, when to attack and warding. Also small things like roaming where briefly told so i got alot of new ways to play. If you really need to focus on your own gameplay, especially when you want a whole insight on what's going on in the other lanes, then this coach would be great for you.
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