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  1. until

    If you need an extra message me.
  2. InGame0nly

    [AFU] Fight Night


    Ooh event token
  3. until

    Looking forward to coming to this event.
  4. until

    See you guys at the event.
  5. until

    Sorry I can't go to the event there were some last minute changes to my schedule.
  6. until

    I might be there we'll see.
  7. until

    Sorry I missed the event I was busy and forgot all about it.
  8. until

    Do I have to be part of DI-XXXIX in order to participate in this event? I am not sure since I am very new to Damage Inc.
  9. until

    Do I have to be in DI-XXXIX to join this event? There aren't nearly as many events for my division so I was just wondering if I could attend DI-XXXIX events.
  10. until

    I got a notification that the event is going to be in 15 minutes but on the event details it says at 5pm. Nevermind
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