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  1. 200.gif

    the true dragon noodle 


    When your rein solo shatters the alone zen.


    Season 1 Wow GIF by Rick and Morty

  3. until

    Sorry that I lost wifi that night.
  4. until

    I had a fun time meeting some new people making jokes and just being really chill.
  5. until

    It was a really fun time trying something new on ow. Me and my three friend that entered we had fun during it.
  6. until

    I had a wonderful time during it. It was something differnt thing to try. It was a pretty fun time playing it.
  7. Im glad i joined DI just joining to made me happy just from finding friend to mess around with and have fun.

  8. I hope everyone is having a good day!


  9. until

    Hey rock you are a awesome warden.
  10. until

    Im here! i hope this practice go soomthly.
  11. until

    I loved it we won all the games.
  12. Title

    [NA][overwatch] Forum Name - Game & Skill Update [2706]


    1. Do you need your primary game updated?
         a. If yes, please state your new primary game:
         b. Link your game profile for new primary game (op.gg, OWTracker, Steam, etc.): 

    2. Do you need your skill updated? 
         a. If yes, please link the profile for your primary game maniacmuffin#11279
         b. Please link a SCREENSHOT of your rank in your primary game: 
         c. Please state your current rank in your primary game: 2706

    3. Do you have any further comments/evidence? no

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