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  1. Welcome back, you have risen from the ashes to defeat our enemies....or play games :P 

    1. EskimoFire


      Yes - let's sacrifice all the Initiates!

    2. Xtream


      Great idea, who could we start with...

  2. Xtream


    Added: Assigning Members Any Member joining a Division, either through assignment there as an Initiate upon joining DI or through Division Transfer, must be assigned to a Team and Roster within two days of joining the Division. Any longer than two days will result in a strike.
  3. Xtream

    Forum Conduct

    Added: Duplicate Content Effort should also be taken to ensure you are not creating a topic that has already been created. Use the search function before creating a topic to see if any similar topics have already been created. If they have reply to them instead of creating a new topic. Duplicate topics will be merged by VP and will be penalized.
  4. Xtream

    Probation System

    Changed: What are the Weekly Membership Requirements for DI Members? To: What are the Monthly Membership Requirements for DI Members?
  5. Xtream

    [DI-XV] OWL Vod Review


    @PuffDaddyPplease cancel this event or remove the REP from it. If it goes ahead & awards REP it will result in a failure to comply with orders strike.
  6. Happy birthday granddad ❤️ 

  7. Xtream

    [DI-XV] OWL Vod Review


    IMP is a requirement this is not.
  8. Xtream

    [DI-XV] OWL Vod Review


    Watching a video or stream does not count as an event. Therefore cannot award REP. The exceptions a DI events hosted on Twitch.
  9. Xtream

    [DI-XV] OWL Vod Review


    How is this a valid event? Valid Events An event must be valid in order for it to qualify for Reputation Tokens. Valid events are defined by the following conditions: - A multiplayer, cooperative or competitive experience that is pre-planned and commences at a set point in time and lasts no more than 2 hours. - Must require active participation (Speakers of participants must be unmuted - but mic may remain muted if desired). - Must require active interaction between participants (eg. SoloQ'ing is not a valid event)
  10. Hello! Was very good chatting! 


  11. Welcome to XXV! :Kirbyhappy:

  12. Xtream

    Friday Fight Night


    You'll struggle to win a team tournament by yourself.
  13. Xtream

    Friday Fight Night


    Event is a replacement for https://dmginc.gg/calendar/event/3346-friday-fight-night that had no RSVP. Consider this even posted when that was as this was posted under 36 hours in advance. Approved by me.
  14. until
    Hosting Officer: @PLMPatrick Co-Hosting Officer: @Tokyo Token: Community Event Token You will challenge other teams to earn the higher spot on the ladder! You can create a temp Discord room after the event host tells you to, before you will be in a general event room made for the event. After your game, make sure to screenshot the result and DM the AFU officers present with your team, opponent's team, the score and it's evidence. If you can't find a team to challenge, you can ask the AFU officers to match you up with a team. Structure: League of Legends - EU (5v5) Overwatch - EU (6v6) Rocket League - EU (3v3 Best of 3) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - EU (2v2 Wingman) THIS EVENT IS EU ONLY Event can be longer than 3 hours due to it being a multiple game Fight Night. The event is going to be streamed on the dmgincs Twitch Channel. More Info on Friday Fight Nights here:
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