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  1. GreatJackal

    Ingame Conduct

    This was updated - take note around only the Official DI Team (signed) needing to use DI tags when participating in external events @Captain@Commander @♦Warden
  2. Ngl He Is Just Hot Man.

  3. When I get to post news instead of you so I get more upvotes


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    2. 13thShade


      @Olinite made me fall in love with this emote.

      It conveys my plans for world domination :AYAYA:

    3. Olinite



      best emote

    4. HydeGamesYT


      :peepoEvil:   <---- If Steve Jobs was Italian

  4. GreatJackal

    [Twitch] Fight Night


    no worries man - not a biggie
  5. GreatJackal

    [Twitch] Fight Night


    @Tyflame- this is an "Other Event Token" event. Only events posted here: https://www.dmginc.gg/calendar/1-community-calendar/ are authorized for Community Event Tokens
  6. any rafters?

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    2. GreatJackal


      i play it lots - its great

    3. BananaB


      It's a really good game! I used to play it really frequently

    4. qodEtwas


      I really like that game, I am waiting for Chapter 2 to finally release

  7. Hate to be a bother  but I indeed went to the "Morning Tea" and I see that the event says "Tokens are obtained ONLY if you have your twitch account linked to your forum profile". I had to re-link a different Twitch account in middle of the stream because the other one wouldn't allow me to type in chat. If this does this not change anything then I do understand and hope you remain well. Thanks. 



  8. until

    Make sure to come to this @Commander - we have a lot to cover :D
  9. Any event - if you RSVP to it 48 hours before it starts Casual is the most established side of DI - no one is being forgotten, if anything comp has been forgotten and we are fixing that. Skill doesnt matter - commitment does. In the new MDR - you will be able to find teams much quicker, so just hang in there another week :)
  10. It certainly opens the door to it in the future If their practicing several times a week, they will get REP through that already. No one should be "grinding REP". Just play your games, attend practices, do scrims etc and you will easily get 250+ REP without even trying
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